The maker


My name is Nicci, and i am making shamanic drums for about 15 years now.

My first drum i made in Portugal, during a shamanic course. It was a doubleheaded drum with goatskin and i really enjoyed the process. In the following years i made a few drums, but slowly it turned into a true passion. The connection with the materials, working with the skins, which wasn’t easy in the beginning. With the first horse skin we cleaned, i cried my eyes out, i love animals so much, and suddenly there is this whole skin, still so much horse… But by cleaning the skins, you can really connect with the spirit of the skin, tune in if there are any problems that you can help the animal with, to continue on his or her journey to the light…(see the two blogs on this page on the left) and honour their spirits by creating a drum.

The most important thing for me is to live and work in nature, and it is not even ‘work’, it is my life. We live in a truely magic area, with beautiful little springs, caves, quarries with a chamber so deep and dark, and with great accoustics. The energy of the forests and the fields, the moss, the rocks, the encounters with the animals living in the wild, the deer, wild boar, badgers, birds of prey, love it all…

Each drum is still an adventure, i try as much as possible to do everything myself, bending the wood, cleaning the skins, gather hazelbranches in the forest. No big production, love and respect for every single one.