Dreaming Drums

The name… 

Years ago i was looking for a name for the shamanic drums, and when asking the fire, Dreaming Drums was the name that came up. At first i loved it because of the alliteration, but more and more the meaning became clear. Many people told me that they already dreamed about their drum. Often i also dream of some details or information for a particular drum. The sound, the overtones create a kind of cloud of sound, with a dream quality, this can easily take you on a journey.

Types of drums…

Over the years i have experimented with many types of drums.

The tunable ones, very practical, you can use them under most weather circumstances

The traditional ones, well, many varieties. Many styles, native american, siberian, my own inspiration… With these you can get reallly creative. During my walks in nature i often come home with a new idea, a new way of binding, a new shape and i love experimenting with all this.

Double headed drums, not used so much, but one of my favourites. By using two different kinds of thickness/skins, each side has his own sound, but the other one will always resonate, and a really nice sound.


For me one of the most important things of creating shamanic drums is the connection with nature. We live in a beautiful part of France, the Dordogne, but not in a very touristy area, many quiet places with the possibillity for drumming and meditation.

shamanic drums for meditation and connecting with nature
nature inspired drums