Our dream is to create


In connection with nature


Using natural materials


To create your dream.


For over 20 years now i have been creating shamanic drums and rattles. It took me to different countries, now very happy to do this work in a lovely calm area of the Dordogne.

Nature is really a great inspiration for me, and i love to give life to the ideas that have been given to me.

All the work for the drums i do myself, like steambending the frames and cleaning the hides. That way i can offer a lot of possibilities regarding wood, size, shape, skins etc. Rather the frames made with the energy connected to my work and the hides not cleaned with chemicals or machines.

Really loving to keep on trying to create new type of shamanic drums as well, it is so nice just to see what i possible. At the moment i am working on a drum to connect with the sacred feminine, i am so exited to launch this soon! Playing with some ideas to bring out more the connection with nature, to honor the forest and fields and their beings. So full of ideas…! When you want to order a drum from me, we can discuss lots of possibilities, in order to see what suits you best, everything will be completely personalised.