power shield

Shield wild boar



A powerful shield infused with nature and wild boar energy.

The old rusty metal ring was found in the field, probably

somehow connected to an old watermill.

The skin was a little piece from a really massif boar,

incrediby thick part of the back.

The hoofs and bones were found in the forest.

Wooden and jade beads,

This powerful earthly animal had many qualities…

  • The Wild Boar is fearless, meaning that it won’t back down for any fight. Even if the predator or the threat is far greater than something it can handle, it will show no fear.

  • When in face of grave danger, the Wild Boar will put up a fight even if the end is death, showing its extreme bravery. It symbolizes facing our consequences.

  • Pagans around the world embrace the Wild Boar as its spirit teaches us to face all challenges and gain control.

  • Embracing the Wild Boar as a spirit animal shows us how to overlook our weaknesses and change them into strengths

  • The Wild Boar, living in a matriarchal society, has developed a sense of community and, when it comes to certain things, will gladly share with the rest of its companions

  • Not only does the wild boar teach us to face our problems but it instructs us to do so with honesty. Being truthful to yourself is also important.

  • While the boar has many masculine qualities it also symbolizes motherhood and teaches us to love, nurture, and yes protect our children.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm