shamanic drum

Awakening of a conscious heart.

Tunable shamanic drum with ash wood, red deer skin and clear crystal



This tunable shamanic drum has been created during the lockdown period here in France. This was a process, to use the quiet time to connect more and more with heart energy. She presented herself just before this period, as if to guide in the right direction. And i see and hear so many people around me that got more connected with this energy.

50 cm shamanic drumĀ  with ash wood and red deer skin, easy to tune. We make the frames ourselves, by steambending. The skin is also been cleaned and prepared by us, no chemical products or machines used for this process. Good size clear crystal in the centre, that will rest in the palm of your hand when playing.

The beater is half leather half fur. The furry side (beaver) will give a very deep sound, the other side will bring out the higher sound as well. Playing it with both sides will give a mixture. Beater included in the price.

If your country is not listed for the shipping opties, you can always contact me first.

After purchase i will send a video with instructions for the tuning and maintenance.

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For an impression of the sound, you can listen here. Best with headphones.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 10 cm