shamanic rattle

Rattle with bison tail


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Shamanic rattle with bison tail and skin for ceremonial use.

The head is made with bison skin, one side is with hair, the other one without.

Clear and  gentle sound.

Wrapped with leather, so comfortable to hold.

Total length incl the tail 60 cm, the head and handle together 28 cm.

Inside the rattle corn, juniper, little pieces of gemstones and black pepper.


Many qualities of the bison can be found online, i always see an image of the herd

at night, on the large and open fields, under a very clear and starry night.

For me this means the connection of this very grounded animal with the universe.

The tail represents this grounding even more, but also gives it a joyful and playful aspect.

The skins come from a french bison farm, these are originally imported from America,

now living a nice life here, so not from the protected American wild life.

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