grandmother drum

Grandmother drum



This 75 cm/30 inch grandmother drum is made with lime/linden wood and a fallow deer skin. The drum will come with 3 beaters.

The sound can be pretty deep, of course depending on the tension on the skin. Played outside on a humid evening, she kept her tension very well, really surprising…

It is such a pleasure when drumming with more people to have a grandmother drum as wel…

Completely tunable, you can work with the toggles to adjust the tension on the skin, but when necessary the hole system can get tightened as well.

The frame is still very light, so easy to carry. But the drum is also on wheels, so easy to move around. I wanted to experiment with the stand being part of the drum.

Sound recording will be added soon.

Please do note that the price is without postage, and postage can only be arranged in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK. Or of course you are welcome to try it out first and pick her up.